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Online Product Catalog

Some useful pointers before you start browsing our electronic product catalogs:

By clicking on some of the links below you will be entering sites outside of this website; use the 'back' button on your browser to return to this website subsequently.

Online images of fabrics, yarns, etc., displayed can be expected to show shade variation anywhere from 5% to 20% with respect to actual products in stock with us and are intended only as preliminary visual feelers. For some online images of fabrics, especially pastel solid-colour fabrics, the shade/colour appearing on the computer screen may be simple black & white or TOTALLY UNREPRESENTATIVE of the actual fabric colour - in such cases especially, as in all the other cases, the online fabric image should serve to provide a visual impression of the fabric weave/texture.

You can subsequently contact us via email intimating us the specific code nos. of fabrics that broadly interest you in order to enable us to subsequently send you physical samples via post.

Generally, even though when 'x' may appear on the thumbnails instead of the images, you can still view individual images one by one in 'zoom' mode by clicking on the thumbnails.

Silk Fabrics

  Silk Made-ups

  Silk Yarns, Fibres, Waste, Sliver

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