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Product Mix

We supply a wide variety of silk fabrics in various widths & weights woven on both handlooms & powerlooms from both Indian & Chinese silk yarn. We also supply silk yarns & fibres:



We can supply the following Silk Fabrics:

Chinese Plainsilk Chinese Dupion (plain/checks/stripes) Indian Dupion (plain/checks/stripes) Organza Taffeta Taby Chiffon Crepe Georgette Shantung Dup Shantung Habutai Charmeuse Cotton Silk Tussar Satin Crepe Satin Filature TG TGN Noil Faswa Masrise Gicha Any combination of noil, tussar, gicha, masrise, faswa, jhuri, katia

Value Addition

We can supply any of the above silk fabrics with prints/embroideries/jacquards/checks/stripes as per your requirements

We can also supply all manner of silk goods/made-ups such as cushion covers, scarves, stolls, etc. as per your specifications/requirements.

Some of the Silk Yarns we supply are:

Spun Silk Yarn (Nm 210/2, Nm 120/2, Nm 60/2, Nm 40/2, Nm 20/2, Nm 15/2, Nm 12/2, Nm 8/2, etc.)

Silk Noil Yarn (Nm 3/1, Nm 6/1, Nm 10/1, etc.)

Mulberry Silk Yarn (grade 2a+, 3a+, etc.)

Some of the Silk Fibres we supply are:

Silk Waste (charkha waste, noil waste, throwster waste, etc.)

p>Silk Sliver (mulberry, tussar)

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